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To get a faster payment Square is a must. There are millions of sellers who are depending on the Square. If you have already purchased our add-on, then you have to go to the CoSchool dashboard. After that download and install it on your website.. , please follow the below procedure-

    • Go to the CoSchool settings page from the site


    • Click on the Payment tab

    • You have to select your preferred currency for payment from the ‘Currency section’


    • To add Square, select the handling method as “Native”


    • Now choose the payment method from the dropdown as “Square”

    • Now click on save settings
    • On the payment page after saving Square as a payment method, you’ll find a tab that has the option to add details ( Application ID, Location ID, and Access Token ) of your  Square  account
    • You’ll find those keys(Application ID, Location ID, and Access Token) by pressing the ‘Click here’ button. Input those keys  to validate the account
    • Finally,  Click on the ‘Save Settings’ button