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How to create coupons on CoSchool?

Offering coupons on a learning platform is a great way let more students get the chance to learn. With CoSchool you can create coupons within minutes. These coupons can be created if you are accepting payments with the Native payment option of CoSchool. To create new coupons you need to follow the steps below –

i) At first, go to the WordPress admin dashboard and click on the CoSchool Tab.

Go to dashboard

ii) Navigate to the Coupons Menu

Coupons tab

iii) Click on add new and there you can set the coupon name.

Add new coupon

iv) Enable discount as shown in the screenshot below and set the discount amount in percentage or a fixed amount.

Set Coupon discount amount

v) Publish the coupon when you are done making the changes.

Publish the coupon

Next, you can set various coupon conditions by reading this documentation.