Why the cart have slide option in mobile view?

The Cart items widget is made scrollable by our developers to display all the columns on mobile view. If you really don’t like it, you can disable some columns to make the cart non-scrollable from left to right in the mobile view. Also, you can use the Cart Items Classic to enjoy the default WooCommerce cart layout with no scrolling option. Although this widget doesn’t have the option to add or delete columns. Still, you can edit the Bottom Section and Empty Cart notice.


Customize Cart Items Classic


Also, you can design all aspects of both Cart Items and Cart Items Classic.


Design Cart Items Classic

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  1. Hi,

    i like the mobile cart view, which is scrollable. But product name is not showing in full width, i want the product table in full width. and i also want the product thumbnail at the mobile view. Can you maybe help me with some CSS code?
    I have seen it at the site of a competitor company.

    If this is possible, I would like to continue working with this plugin. I hope you can help me 🙂



    1. Hi @yasin

      Thanks for reaching out to us.

      There is another widget name “Cart Items Classic”. Could you please try that widget?
      If you think you still need further help please raise a ticket here: https://help.codexpert.io/new-ticket/

      One of our support will reach out to you and help with this.


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