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Product Brands

A product brand is a specific identity associated with a product or a group of products offered by a company. CoDesigner comes up with this new Module for your WooCommerce store products. You can easily set brands for your products.

Importance of Product Brand

✔️ Differentiate one product from another
✔️ Influence the value of a product
✔️ Increased visibility and attract customers
✔️ Build recognition and trustworthiness

How to add brands for your WooCommerce store

To set up a product brand you have to follow some easy steps. Have a look at the below steps-

Step 1: Navigate to your site dashboard and click on the Module section within the CoDesinger tab

Step 2: On the Module page, You have to enable the Product Brand module.  Now click on the Save Settings button. After saving the settings, you’ll discover a new tab Product Brands

Step 3: Go to the new tab and make the necessary customization.  After the customization, you have to click on the Save Settings button

Step 4: Now you have to go to your WooCommerce Products page and click on the edit button of any particular product. On the right section of the product page, you have to select a brand name for your product. To set a Brand name click on the + Add New Brand button.  After clicking that button you’ll discover the option to add the Brand name and category for your product. At last, click on the Add New Brand.

Finally, your Product Brand is ready to show on your WooCommerce product.