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Where can I find the upsell and cross-sell widgets?

On version 3.0.1 of CoDesigner, the upsells and cross-sells widgets are merged with the shop widgets.

To display upsell and cross-sell products on your site, please follow the steps below-

1. At first, add a shop widget on the page where you wish to display the upsell or cross-sell products.


Add a shop widget


2. Click on the Contents tab of the shop widget – Product SourceClick Upsells/Cross-sells.



3. You can set upsell and cross-sell for the current product or use a custom product ID. Also, you can set products limit here.



After making the changes, all you need to do is click the update button to display the upsell/ cross-sell products to your customers. You can also use the shop widgets on the cart page to display the cart upsells and cart cross-sells.




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