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My Checkout page isn’t working

You may sometimes find that your checkout page built with CoDesigner doesn’t work. Possible situations you may encounter include-

  1. No payment methods are shown
  2. Country and/or State list in the billing/shipping form doesn’t work
  3. Hitting the Proceed/Pay button doesn’t do anything, etc


To fix this issue, you just need to Edit the section that contains the checkout form and select Contains Checkout from the control.


Set contains checkout for CoDesigner checkout section


Don’t forget to add a product to the cart before you start editing the checkout page.

Note that, all the widgets (except the Checkout Login one, if enabled) that are parts of the checkout need to be added in the same section. Widgets include-

  1. Billing Address
  2. Shipping Address
  3. Order Notes
  4. Order Review
  5. Payment

Also, make sure the page you’re editing with CoDesigner is set as the Checkout page from the WooCommerce settings screen.


Set the new checkout page in WooCommerce settings

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