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How to create a footer with CoDesigner?

CoDesigner also lets you create a custom footer for your site. In our previous documentation, the steps for creating a header with CoDesigner were demonstrated.

Now we will see the steps to create an eye-catching footer with CoDesigner –

1. Go to WordPress dashboard and click on Templates


Select template in WordPress dashboard


2. Press the Add New button and select WCD Footer on the pop-up screen.


Create new CoDesigner Footer


3. Name your template and click Create Template.


Rename the footer template


4. After giving a name to your template you will be automatically redirected to an Elementor editor page. Here You will need to add sections to start creating a new footer. For example, I’m adding 2 sections to the template.


Adding 2 sections in the template


5. Now I will add 2 columns in the first section and 5 columns in the second section. In columns of the first section, I have added the demo email and address. In the second section, I added the logo in the middle and 2 demo contents on each side of the logo. You can add your preferred content to create the footer.


Adding demo contents in the section


6. After making the changes and I set conditions for the footer to display on all types of pages, posts, and products. You can also make it appear on any particular page, post, or product.


Setting footer conditions


Now I will publish this new footer and the final outlook of the simple footer is shown in the screenshot below.


Final outlook of the simple footer created with CoDesigner


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