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Where to use the Ask for Price widget?

The main purpose of the “Ask for Price” widget is to let the customer ask or bargain for a product price. Basically, this widget is made to be used on the single product template created with CoDesigner. But you can also use it on other pages.

You can add new fields to the form. The questions can depend on which type of store you have and what frequently asked questions users have for your products.

“Ask for Price” widgets


Also, you can design the form and change the button text in the settings.



Edit “Ask for Price” Widgets


The configuration tab has the option to set the admin mail subject and auto-response mail. The email that the admin receives after a customer submits the form contains the fields you have added to the layout along with the product order ID and product link. On the other hand, the customers will receive the message you set in the auto-response.

When it comes to designing with ‘ask for price’ widgets, the possibilities are endless. Below is an example of a design that can be created with the “Ask For Price” widget, also more complex designs can be created through customization.

Ask For Price widget

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