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How to install and activate CoDesigner Pro with license?

In order to use CoDesigner Pro please follow the steps below.

  • At first, you need to have the free version of CoDesigner on your site. You can download and install the free version from here


install CoDesigner from


  • Then you have to download the zip file of CoDesigner Pro from the Codexpert dashboard Login in to your dashboard and click on View Details and Downloads.



  • The download file should appear as shown in the screenshot below.


Download CoDesigner Pro


  • After downloading the zip file upload it on your site’s plugin section and activate it.


upload CoDesigner Pro


  • Now, activate the license key in CoDesigner settings by using login details of as shown in the screenshot below:



  • After clicking the Activate button a pop-up will appear. Here you will need to click the green button saying  Activate Now. Make sure you are logged in with your purchase account before clicking this button.

Activate CoDesigner Pro


  • After successfully activating the license you will see this screen.


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