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How to use the basic menu widget?

The basic menu is a premium widget released with version 3.0 of CoDesigner. You can use it while creating a header template with CoDesigner. Follow the steps to add the basic menu on the header.

1. Enable the basic menu from the CoDesigner dashboard. The widget is listed in the Others widgets section at the bottom.


Turn on the Basic menu from CoDesigner dashboard


2. Now create a new header template with CoDesigner from the templates section if you don’t have a header created with CoDesigner yet. Select the add new button.


Create new header template with CoDesigner


3. On the pop-up window select WCD Header, name the header template and click Create Template button.


Select WCD Header in the pop up


4. You will be redirected to an Elementor editor page. Here you can create 3 sections as we did. We added a logo, the basic menu, and the menu cart by CoDesigner in the header. To add the menu you need to search for “Basic Menu” in the Elements Searchbar.




5. WCD Basic menu has the option to select a particular menu to display in the contents section. You can also change layouts, alignment, pointer, animation, sub-menu indicator, and mobile dropdown options in the content section.


CoDesigner Basic menu contents


You can also, style and customize the menu however you want using the Style and Advanced tab.

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