How does the multi-level commission gets distributed and is it based on the total product price?

WC Affiliate multilevel commission amounts are distributed to your affiliates based on the total price of the product. Consider that you have three levels on your affiliate program with the following percentages.

  • Level 1 – 7% commission
  • Level 2 – 6% commission
  • Level 3 – 5% commission


Suppose a user named A became an affiliate on your store using the affiliate link. When this affiliate shares his affiliate link with others and another person named B becomes an affiliate. B also shared his links with others and this time C became an affiliate.

This means when a product is sold by affiliate A, he will be considered as level 1 and get 7% of the total price of the product. B and C won’t get any commission on this sale.

If affiliate B sells a product then he will be considered level 1 and affiliate A will be considered level 2. Thus, affiliate A will get a 6% commission on this sale.

Similarly, when affiliate C sells a product to a customer then he will be considered as level 1. Respectively, affiliate B will get a 6% commission at level 2 and affiliate A will get a 5% commission at level 3. All these commissions will be calculated on the total price.

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