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Why is the password not shared?

Passwords stored in the WordPress database are encrypted and cannot be decrypted to their original state. Meaning, when a user sets a password, nobody can know what the original password was! It’s impossible.

So, what does the Share Logins Pro plugin do while sharing a user across your sites? How does it copy a password from one site to another?

It takes the password from the HTML field of the registration or profile page/form. And in this case, it uses the name attribute of the input field. For example, the default WP profile form has name="pass1-text" set. And for WooCommerce it’s name="account_password". It actually depends on the theme or plugin author.

Our plugin looks for those fields, and if found, it sends the value given in that field to the remote sites.

We have covered these plugins so far and lot more in the queue-

  • WooCommerce
  • Gravity Forms
  • Easy Digital Downloads

So, if the registration/profile page your site uses is not created using any of the plugins above or the user registers without inputting the password by themselves (uses auto-generated password), then it may not share the password across your sites.

If you want us to make Share Logins Pro compatible with your plugins or theme, please open a ticket and attach your theme/plugin. Our dev team will take a look.