Share Logins Pro

Activity log not appearing, how to solve it?

Share Logins Pro has the option to view the activity logs of all the users. You need to make sure that you have selected the “Enable Log” option from the settings. Finally, click on save settings.     Feel free to contact us if this issue still persists.

What metadata does it share while creating or updating a user?

You can share whatever metadata you want to sync. Just go to Configuration > Connectivity > User Metadata, and it will show every metadata found on your WordPress site. Choose any meta you want to sync. Here’s a screenshot for a better understanding.   User Metadata

Why is the password not shared?

Passwords stored in the WordPress database are encrypted and cannot be decrypted to their original state. Meaning, when a user sets a password, nobody can know what the original password was! It’s impossible. So, what does the Share Logins Pro plugin do while sharing a user across your sites? How does it copy a password from …

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