Share Logins Pro

I’m getting “License key already in use” message, what should I do?

It usually happens when you activate the license on-site and somehow uninstall the plugin without deactivating the license. If you face this issue, simply click the Deactivate button next to the license key box and click Activate again. If the issue persists, please open a support ticket here.

New user account are synced, but what about my existing users?

If you have Share Logins Pro installed, new user accounts will be synchronized from now on. But if you already have some user accounts created on any of your sites, you need to migrate them to other sites. Click here to know how to migrate your existing users.

Is it safe and secure?

Yes, it is. We have implemented a comprehensive protocol that ensures the highest level of security for our systems. Some of them are – Transactions are made using custom-made REST API endpoints. You can set your own access token to secure the data that are being synchronized among sites. As an extra layer of security, …

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How does it work?

With Share Logins, you can sync different user actions across several websites. The syncs include signing in, signing out, changing profiles, resetting passwords, adding new users, and removing users.   It works based on the user’s login name or username. That means, if a user logs in to a site and his/her username is johndoe, …

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It doesn’t work, what to do?

There are several reasons that can cause this. Take a look at these first- You need to activate your license. If the license is not activated, the plugin won’t work. Please see this to know how to activate the license. You need to input the same Secret Key in all of your sites. Share Logins …

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How many sites can be synced?

The number of sites that can be synced depends on the license you have purchased. For yearly license duration for the Personal plan it’s 2 sites, for Professional it’s 5 sites, and unlimited sites for the Business plan. Share Logins License Plan Please follow here to know more details about the pricing plan.

Which one is my master site?

Well, there is no master/parent or slave/child site. You need to configure all of your sites separately. But one thing to you should keep in mind is Share Logins must be installed and activated on both sites.