What does “self-referral” mean? How does it work?

Self-referral means an affiliate can refer himself just as he could refer one of his friends, and the calculations will be exactly the same. For example, when an affiliate clicks on his own link and buys a product he will be entitled to the commission and the customer discount (if enabled by the admin).

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  1. I am just spitballing here to see if this option can work?

    So in a nutshell we are selling hosting.  We are targeting nonprofits and asking them to send clients our way (who already love and support their mission) and if clients switch to us a percentage of their monthly hosting fee will go to the nonprofit of their choice…so normally it will be the affiliate link the nonprofit sent but a client may select another nonprofit based on the dropdown on the form (so maybe Red Cross sent them the info but they want to give their recurring to Pets for Vets).

    So based on my reading it looks like [affiliate_conversion_script] might work??? ;}

    We use WordPress and currently need to bill clients from my WPMUDEV dashboard.  I am using a Forminator Pro form to collect information for the purchase for which I will bill them. We are having affiliates refer many of these customers.  The customer will also actually need to select the Affiliate (nonprofit) that they want the referral commission to go to.  So will this work to keep track of affiliates?

    1. Hi Victoria!

      Thanks for reaching out to us.

      Actually, Self-referral is a setting that allows the Affiliate to use their own coupon for discount. When your customers click on the referral link you will be able to know the Affiliate of this link. If you visit referrals you will see them.

      Please raise a ticket here: https://help.codexpert.io/new-ticket if you have any other questions.

      Thank you!

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