How to Show content only for Logged-Out users?

To show content only for logged out users follow the steps below –

1. Go to All Pages and select the page which you want to Edit


2. Select “Edit with Elementor”

3. After that select a Section or Content which you want to restrict

4. Then click on Advanced Tab -> Restrict Content



5. Enable the Enable Restriction Option



6. A new text field will appear named Show Content To



7. After clicking on the text field a dropdown list will show and we have to select the “Logged Out Users”



Then only the Logged Out Users will show the content

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  1. Update on my previously submitted comment:
    The plugin works perfectly when a section is restricted and replaced by a section template. Then everything renders below it as it should. But should you use plain text as a replacement, then the subsequent sections don’t render correctly.


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