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How to create a ‘Thank You’ page?

If you are thinking about displaying a custom Thank You page to your customer then CoDesigner has the perfect solution for you. CoDesigner comes with a Thank You widget that is fully customizable.

1. At first, you need to turn on the widget from the CoDesigner Widget dashboard. Then edit your checkout page using the Elementor.

2. Search for the Thank You widget in the elements tab as shown in the screenshot below. Now, drag and drop the widgets on a new section of the page.


Add Thank you widget in a new section


3. After adding the Thank you page, you need to select the section and set “Contains Thank You” as shown in the screenshot below.


Select contains Thank You


4. When you are done with designing the thank you widget, don’t forget to update the settings.


Please note, unless you have a separate page set as the Thank You page (with some plugin or custom code), you need to add this widget to the Checkout page (the page that holds the Billing Address, Shipping Address, etc widgets). But, you need to use a separate section for this. Also, if you wish to create a separate WooCommerce “Thank You” page with CoDesigner check this post.


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