How to create a custom shop archive page using CoDesigner?

Follow the steps below to create a custom shop archive page using CoDesigner:

1. Go to the WordPress admin dashboard and click the Templates menu.



2. Navigate to Saved Templates, select WL Product Archive and add a new template.


Add a new product archive


3. After giving a name to your new WL product archive, edit it with Elementor.




4. Add a shop widget to the new product archive page and do customization of your new shop page any way you like.




5. In order to make the WL Product Archive template appear on your preferred default shop page, you will need to select “Shop Only” in the template condition as shown in the screenshot below.


Select shop only


6. Now you will need to make sure that the correct page layout is selected. Otherwise, the shop layout won’t appear properly.


Select the correct page layout

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